Happy birthday to ME! :-)

The irony isn’t lost on me that my last post was on, um, someone else’s birthday, but it was also my book birthday for Indulge My  Fantasy (which has gotten some pretty nifty reviews, IIDSSM). But today is my actual birthday *and* I’m 5 days away from my *next* book birthday, Hidden Away! I absolutely LOVE the work Scott Carpenter did to create the cover!


It’s available for pre-order now on Loose Id and Amazon, and it releases February 23rd. Here’s a little bite:

Reclusive romance author Lia Hudson is hiding from a stalker. She must step out of the shadows to pursue a chance to bring her books to television. This is her dream come true, but will her nightmare follow her?

Scotty Gold never saw himself as anything other than a ball player. Besides Lia’s arms, he only feels like himself at home plate. When a concussion brings his season—and possibly his career—to an early end, he’s forced to imagine a future he’s never considered. Lia could be in that vision if she wanted more than a friend-with-benefits arrangement.

For two years their situation worked fine. She was prepared to let him go if that’s what it took for him to be happy. But then Lia’s long-lost stalker catches up to them, and Scott might not have a future to worry about. When Lia recognizes her true feelings for Scott, will love be enough to save him?

* * * * *

Happy birthday!! Yes, it’s Bradley Cooper’s birthday—that should be a national holiday, IMO, along with all his movie release days—but speaking of release days, it’s Indulge My Fantasy‘s birthday too!


My Golden Heart baby is now available, thanks to my awesomesauce publisher, Loose Id, and my super talented editor, Heather Bosch! And it’s on sale, so go get it now! It’s okay, go; I’ll be right here, wishing this handsome man a lovely day:

Happy Birthday

* * * * *

Releasing January 5, 2016 from LooseId:

Indulge My Fantasy! (My Golden Heart finalist!!)

Stay tuned for the cover reveal but OMG, I love it! Can’t wait for you to meet Grace and Aaron, the couple that started it all!

I’m very happy to introduce you to Ben and Holly from

TALL SHADOWS, released October 2015!


Holly Wallace has spent her life in a supporting role, managing her brother’s career and keeping her family together despite the craziness that is Hollywood. When he has a mental breakdown, she finds him an unorthodox program:  an asylum in the truest sense, to let him take a step out of society and rediscover himself. But when Holly finds herself attracted to the therapist caring for her brother, she once again has to put her family’s needs above her own.

Following the tragic death of his sister, Ben Crawford developed a program based on a nineteenth century treatment that allowed patients to heal themselves holistically. When Holly brings Adam to Ben, Adam’s status could be the boost his program needs. Ben could help even more people, except he comes to see Adam isn’t the only Wallace he wants to help:  he’s falling in love with Holly.

Ethics is the one line Ben can’t cross, but if he doesn’t find a way to save Holly from herself, he could lose her to the Tall Shadows of her past.

Heated Competition released June 23, 2015! My childhood dream is coming true!!


I’m SO excited to be able to share Lindsey and Gabe with you tomorrow! It was a fun story to write, especially since I kinda still have a crush on…okay, fine, let me not get into that, but it seems my crushes always get me started writing. Maybe that’s why I’m not dating:  I’m too busy turning my crushes into stories. If that’s the case, let the crushing continue!

As I was editing Indulge My Fantasy, the idea popped into my head about what would happen if two Type A characters fell in love. What kind of sparks would result? I was determined to focus on one story at a time but the idea nagged at me. Songs popped up on the radio that made me think of competition and challenge. Random thoughts entered my mind as I was doing mundane things, teasing me to come play with new ideas. I resisted the urge right up until New Years Eve when the ball dropped in Times Square and I quickly changed the channel to see the fireworks over Penns Landing. As always, the broadcast provided a soundtrack to the show. Always fun, always spirited and exciting…and then they played Daughtry’s “Battleships.”

I froze where I sat. In an instant, I felt that song as the backbone of my story, even before I’d written word one. I clung to those emotions, intense as they were, as I finished the edits for Indulge. Even now when I hear it, it reminds me of the excitement of knowing there was another story waiting in the wings for me to play with. A couple with a heated passion for each other, who fought like two cats in a sack but always ended up together again. That was where Gabe and Lindsey began.

Gabe actually had several names before I realized I couldn’t get Gabriel out of my mind (thank you, Word Find & Replace function!), but Lindsey? She was easy. The Abyss is one of my favorite movies, and one snowy Sunday afternoon I flipped channels and landed on it for the umpteenth time. When Virgil called his ex-wife Ace, again I was paralyzed. He was talking about Lindsey, MY Lindsey, especially when the line came, “You bitch, you never backed away from anything in your life. Now fight!” That was the mantra that got me through my first marathon, and it was Lindsey’s view on life. She does not stop fighting, not even for love. Lindsey she was or, as Gabe calls her, Ace…except when they’re in bed.

I hope you love Lindsey and Gabe as much as I do! Thanks for visiting!!

Yours always,

Caroline Bradley

PS: Isn’t the cover fabulous? Judi Fennell at Formatting 4U did a terrific job and she’s so much fun to work with! (And to go to lunch with!) If you’re thinking of going independent, I highly recommend her.

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