Gabe and Lindsey – coming soon! (Yes, I meant that)

Posted on 05/28/15

Change is good. That’s the mantra I keep repeating to myself when I feel like my whole life is a jigsaw puzzle with not just a few pieces but the box lid missing. Once again, the future I saw ahead of me has been erased, but this time I’m trying to look at it in a positive light. If I don’t have anything set in front of me, I can create it to be what I want, right?

I’m still adjusting to the “I’m a full time writer” concept but I’m starting to get attached to the idea. It’s not such a bad “new normal.” When one of the HR resource providers called to invite me to attend a “how to get ready for your next job” seminar, I actually saw it as an intrusion on my time. After all, I’m a writer now. I need to write, edit, brainstorm. (Nap.) I didn’t know how much of an intrusion it would be until I registered and found out it’s a 4.5 hour online class. I dreaded meetings over an hour, and this one overlaps lunch. I’m not looking forward to this but a) if it gives me story ideas, fine; b) if it gives me some skills to get started in another job (should I opt for one), also fine. And the c) I probably shouldn’t admit to: I’ll be crocheting the whole time. Seriously, I’m a tactile learner. If my hands are busy during a meeting, I’ll absorb more information. Would that my previous owners–uh, employers understood that if they would let me knit a sock during staff meetings, I’d have been a whole lot more productive.

But that’s business sh*t and I don’t live for that crap. Some people do. More power to you but it’s not for me.

I finished the first edits to Heated Competition last night, and OMG, am I excited about this story. I put an excerpt up on the Bookshelf tab—because I haven’t written the synopsis or blurb yet—and I’m just a little hyper about it because these two were fun to write. I lived with a lot of conflict in my real world so for a long time I avoided it as much as I could, often to my own detriment. Unfortunately, “Nice boy meets nice girl, they have a nice life and live happily ever after,” makes for a truly boring story. This was the first time I wrote characters in direct conflict with each other. They’re both Type A PE teachers, constantly trying to outdo the other one; whenever they’re together, they’re pretty much at each other’s throats, dressed or not. It isn’t until they realize that if they team up that they can win what they really want. Okay, so that’s the world’s worst blurb but it’s 8 a.m. and I haven’t touched my second cup of coffee.

I can’t wait to introduce Gabe and Lindsey to the world. I really have strong feelings about this story. They were a fun adventure to go on. I don’t think it just “has legs”.  I think this has wheels.

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