HIDDEN AWAY - available 2/23 from Loose Id


Reclusive romance author Lia Hudson is hiding from a stalker. She must step out of the shadows to pursue a chance to bring her books to television. This is her dream come true, but will her nightmare follow her?

Scotty Gold never saw himself as anything other than a ball player. Besides Lia’s arms, he only feels like himself at home plate. When a concussion brings his season—and possibly his career—to an early end, he’s forced to imagine a future he’s never considered. Lia could be in that vision if she wanted more than a friend-with-benefits arrangement.

For two years their situation worked fine. She was prepared to let him go if that’s what it took for him to be happy. But then Lia’s long-lost stalker catches up to them, and Scott might not have a future to worry about. When Lia recognizes her true feelings for Scott, will love be enough to save him?


INDULGE MY FANTASY – Available now from Loose Id


Auto mechanic Grace Bennett has forgotten how to dream. Her life is so entrenched in the workaday world that when she finds Aaron Elias, the hottest actor in Hollywood, stranded on a mountain road in a snowstorm, she’s not sure what to believe. In a snowed-in cabin, she gives in to her wildest fantasies, but she’s sure he’ll forget her name the moment she repairs his water pump and sends him on his way.

After one night together, Aaron can’t get Grace out of his head. He brings her to Hollywood to experience his world of sports cars, Malibu beach houses, and movie magic. The Cinderella treatment is more than Grace ever imagined. Then she finds out why Aaron was really up in the mountains that day, and Aaron’s dream world brings back Grace’s nightmares.

Grace and Aaron can’t live in each other’s world. Is this love or are they both just indulging their fantasies?


Heated Competition by Caroline Bradley

Type-A PE teacher Lindsey Kincaid has spent two years running her ass off, working two jobs to fix the damage her lying ex wrought on her life. When colleague Gabe Shraeder sets his sights on taking over her cross country team and the coaching stipend that goes with it, she can’t back down. Why would the son of one of the richest families in three counties want to be a phys ed teacher, anyway? Is slumming it the latest trend in noblesse oblige? But the varsity soccer coach is also hotter than the track in July, and a seemingly harmless beer bet lands her in his arms. Then her adrenaline really kicks into high gear.

Lindsey assumes their casual spring break hook up means nothing and it’ll be status quo when they go back to school. Except Gabe becomes something more than casual. His touch reminds her what it feels like to crave things like intimacy, pleasure, and companionship. In his arms, she’s not alone anymore; she doesn’t have to fight. Gabe goes deep into her, body and soul, but he brings with him secrets of his own.

Thanks to her ex, Lindsey’s trust is eroded and her world is crumbling around her. Is Gabe trying to help her, or does he want to take over her team and her life? She’s given too much of herself in the past and done things she regretted to keep the home and the dream she still clings to. But now Gabe makes her wonder what she really wants. In this Heated Competition, can either of them win?


TALL SHADOWS - Available now! 



Holly Wallace has spent her life in a supporting role, managing her brother Adam’s acting career. When Adam has a mental breakdown, she knows from past experience that standard rehab programs won’t work. She finds him something unorthodox:  an asylum in the truest sense, to let him take a step out of society and rediscover himself. But when Holly finds herself attracted to the therapist caring for her brother, she once again has to take a step back and put someone else’s needs above her own.

Following the tragic death of his sister, Ben Crawford developed a program based on a nineteenth century treatment that allowed patients to heal themselves holistically. When Holly brings Adam to Ben, Adam’s status could be the boost his program needs. Ben could help even more people, except he comes to see Adam isn’t the only Wallace he wants to help:  he’s falling in love with Holly.

Ethics is the one line Ben can’t cross, but if he doesn’t take steps to save Holly from herself, he could lose her to the Tall Shadows of her past.

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